Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Review of Susan May Warren's "Wiser Than Serpents"

Susan May Warren brilliantly brings her Mission: Russia series characters to life in “Wiser Than Serpents”. At the same time, she raises awareness of a serious plague attacking the world, today: human trafficking. Russian FSB (formerly KGB) Agent and IT expert, Yanna, has a problem. Her sister, Elena, has been kidnapped into the sex slavery market in Taiwan. She normally turns to her friend and American military operative, David Curtiss, when she is in need. But he is nowhere to be found. Taking matters into her own hands, Yanna arranges for her own capture by the same criminal element in the hopes of saving Elena. When she learns of David’s deep undercover involvement in the operation, will it jeopardize both of their missions? Hers, to rescue her sister; his, to take down the Twin Dragons crime syndicate that deals in human trafficking.

Start this novel early in the morning on a day you have nothing to do. You will be completely swept away by Susie’s narrative, caught up in the action and intertwined in the lives of her powerful – and intensely romantic – characters. David’s conviction as a Christian to not be unequally yoked with a non-believer is a primary struggle in his relationship with Yanna. Susie handles this beautifully. Old friends from previous Mission: Russia novels appear in major leading roles. The horrors of human trafficking are not gruesomely described, but the tense undercurrent is very evident throughout the story. I love that part of the profits for this book go toward combating this terrifying problem. Bravo, Susie! Not only have you opened the eyes of Christian fiction readers to what horrors exist in our own backyards, you have thoroughly entertained with this novel!!! Plus, a conversation between David and Roman led me to do a Bible study on Psalm 73. This is an amazing book!

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