Monday, June 09, 2008

This Week On WORD up! June 9, 2008

There are some wonderful books being showcased on my blog this week. Actually, it begins last Friday with...

"Fossil Hunter" - a wonderful action/adventure about a pair of competing paleontologists pursuing the same fossil in hostile Iraq!

Saturday's entry was a devotional on Pentecost called "A Mighty Wind".

Today showcases "A Sister's Hope" - an Amish country mystery.

Tuesday is a wonderful teen chick-lit novel called "The Summer of Cotton Candy". The first in a series of four novels that will captivate your daughters.

Wednesday is a wonderful historical mystery surrounding the Chicago World's Fair called "A Bride So Fair".

Thursday showcases a more serious and somber "A Promise For Tomorrow", set in 1955 Alabama. Vary inspirational.

Friday is a horror novel - I really can't comment because I haven't had the chance to read the book, yet. But it's called "Never Ceese" and apparently, it's about a vampire and a werewolf who struggle with what they are because of their faith in God! Sounds intriguing...

Sunday previews a non-fiction title, "Exposing Darwinism's Weakest Link". Sounds pretty self explanatory.

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