Monday, June 23, 2008


I have been fascinated with the idea of immortality for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was haunted by stories of vampires – existing forever, but without joy or love or real life to speak of. Eternal life bestowed for a price. Monsters - hiding in the darkness, feared by man, afraid of the light.

Then I met the Light. I knew that the darkness was not the immortality that I really craved. Jesus chased me until I caught Him, and gave me eternal life bestowed for a price. But not a price I had to pay. He has already paid – for me, for you, for the whole world. WOW!!!!!!!! Because of His sacrifice on the cross, I will live forever. So can you. And the eternal life that Jesus promises is full of joy and love and peace and real life! Praise Him! Hallelujah!

Relationship with Jesus is the most wonderful gift. But we shouldn’t wait for the moment we meet Him face-to-face to cash in on it. There are so many blessings to be experienced here on earth for those who are willing to seek Him. He will give us gifts of friendship, sunsets, experiences and new appreciation for things. When we seek Him, we will find Him in the oddest places.

One of those odd places I found Jesus was a contest I won recently. It was held by one of my favorite Christian fiction authors, Susan May Warren. She is graciously immortalizing me – well, my name at least – in one of her new novels. Here is a description of the book from her website:

Nothin' But Trouble

Smart, intrepid PJ Sugar, wannabe PI, and all-around troublemaker has returned home to set right the rumors that drove her out of her hometown of Kellogg, MN, ten years ago. But not much has changed -- well, except for her old beau/bad boy has turned into the local law. But PJ isn't in town for longer than a day when her old history teacher is murdered and her best friend's hubby is branded the killer. PJ can't leave well enough alone, and pretty soon, she's up to her ears in Nothin' but Trouble! The first in the PJ Sugar novels -- come and join me on the fun, suspense and romance of lovable PJ Sugar!

Look for PJ March 2009!

I still have a fascination with immortality. I own the entire “Highlander” series on DVD. I also own “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, and I’m an “Angel” and “Moonlight” fan. But I know the Truth. He has set me free, and given me the hope for a truly immortal future.

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