Saturday, March 18, 2017

Homiletics: John 15:1-16:4

Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1. I tru vine my Fr=grdnr; He cut evry brnch brs fruit;evry brnch tht brs fruit He prunes so mo frutfl (1-2)

2. U alrdy cln bec o wd I spkn 2u; remn in me as I rem in u; no brnch br frut by self mst rem in vine (3-4a)

3. u br frut unlss rem me; I vine/u brnchs, if u rem in me&I in u, u br much frut, aprt frm me u do 0 (4b-5)

4. if u rem me, u lk brnch thrwn away/brnd if u rem me&my wds rem u ask whtevr wish&it b gvn u (6-7)

5. this 2 my Fr’s glry: u br much frut, showing 2b my disc (8) FrY me, I Yd u, rem n my Y; if u kp my cmds u rem n my Yjus as I kpt Fr cmds/rem n His Y(9-10)

7. I told u this so my joy in u/ur joy complt; my cmd=Yea othr as I Yd u (11-12)

8. >Yhas no1 thn this:2 lay dn life 4 friends; u my friends if u do wht I cmd (13-14)

9. I lngr call u srvts bec srvt kno mstr’s bus; instd I call u frnds 4 evrythg I lrnd frm Fr I md known 2u (15)

10. u choos me, I chos&apptd u br frut tht last,whtevr u ask n my nom Fr gv u;my cmd:Yea othr (16-17)


11. if wrld h8s u kp in mind it h8d me 1st; if u belongd 2 wrld it’d Yu as its own (18-19a)

12. as it is u belong 2wrld, I hv chosn u out o wrld that’s y wrld h8s u (19b)

13. remem I told u serv>mstr, if they persctd me, they will u; if they obeyd my tchng they’ll obey urs (20)

14. they’ll treat u this wy bec o my nom 4 they know One who sent me(21)

15. if I cm spkn 2 em they be glty o sin but now they’ve excuse 4 their sin; whoevr h8s me,h8s Fr (22-23)

16. if I done wrks no1 did,they glty o sin; they seen, h8d me&Fr;fulfil Law: they h8d me w/o resn (24-25)

17. Wn Advc8 cm I snd frm Fr, Sot who go frm Fr tstfy abt me u mst tstify 4u been w/me frm beg (26-27)

18.this I told u so fall away; they’ll put u out synagog; tm cming wn any1kills u thnk they offr svc 2G (1-2)

19. they do bec known Fr/me; I told u so wn tm cms u remem I warnd u; I tell u frm beg bec I w/u (3-4)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

1. Jesus is the true vine, His Father is the gardener and His people are the branches (15:1-8)

Principle: Christ’s disciples only bear fruit when connected to the Vine.

2. Jesus told friends, “Remain in my love, keep my commands, love each other.” (15:9-17)

Principle: Christ’s disciples remain in His love by obeying His commands to love each other.

3. Jesus warned His people, “The world hates you because it hated me first.” (15:18-16:4)

Principle: Christ’s disciples expect persecution from the world.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

True vine Jesus commands, “Love,” and warns of world’s hate.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, etc.):

TCMATK A fruitful life is the direct result of connection with and obedience to Jesus Christ.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about life change):

1. Where am I disconnected from the true vine and to what action will I commit to reconnect?

2. What tempts me away from remaining in Christ’s love and how can I protect against that temptation?

3. In what areas am I receiving the world’s approval and how can I turn those areas over to Christ?

If the Gardener cuts off every branch “in the Vine” that doesn’t bear fruit, how can we say one can never lose their salvation?  Are they “in Christ” or not?

*Where am I experiencing the Gardener’s pruning and how might this pruning make me more fruitful?

Clean?  Where does this thought come from? NIV Footnotes say the Greek for “he prunes” also means “he cleans”.

How do I remain in Jesus and He remain in me?

What am I attempting to do apart from Jesus?

How do I know if I am remaining in Jesus or if I am doing something apart from Him?

How is my joy made complete?  By keeping Jesus’ commands and thereby remaining in His love?

What does loving each other as Jesus has loved us look like?  The greatest love is laying down one’s life for their friends.

Jesus chose me to bear fruit.  What fruit am I bearing?

What evidence do I see that the world hates me?

What persecution am I experiencing?

How and what am I testifying about Jesus?

*Under what circumstances am I tempted to “fall away” and how might I prevent it?

What evidence do I see in the world that supports the idea that Christian persecution is a service to God?

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