Saturday, October 08, 2016

Homiletics - Romans 12

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                                                                Who?

I urge in view of G’s mercy, offer bodies – living sacrifices (holy/pleasing to G) – spiritual act of worship.
Do not conform to world, be transformed: renewing mind, then you test/approve G’s will.
By grace I say: think of self w/sober judgment in accord w/faith G distrib you.
As each has body w/many members, not all have same function; in C we form 1 body, each belongs to others.
Different gifts acc to grace given; if prophesying, proph in acc w/faith; if serving, serve; if teaching, teach; if encourage, give encouragemt; if giving, give generously; if to lead, do diligently; if to show mercy, do cheerfully.
Love must be sincere; hate evil, cling to good; be devoted in love, honor another above self; never lack zeal, keep spiritual fervor, serving L.
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer; share w/L’s ppl in need; practice hospitality; bless those who persecute you, not curse; rejoice w/rejoicing; mourn w/mourning.
Live in harmony, not proud, willing to associate w/ppl low pos; not conceited; don’t repay evil for evil, do right in eyes of everyone; if poss. Live @ peace w/everyone.
Don’t take revenge, leave rm for G’s wrath, it written: mine to avenge, I repay.
If enemy hungry, feed; thirsty, give drink, you heap burning coals on head; don’t overcome evil w/evil but w/good.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

How to treat your body
Offering our bodies to God is an acceptable - and desirable - act of worship.
God provides guidelines for how to treat your body.
How to treat the Body of Christ
God prescribes how we should treat the Body of Christ.
Since we don’t know who will be part of the Body of Christ, we should treat all people well and let the Lord avenge any wrongdoing.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

Paul urges offer bodies as in Christ we form Body.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK caring for one’s body in obedience to Christ translates to the health of the Body of Christ, and doing so is a spiritual act of worship.



How might you offer your body as a living sacrifice this week?
How has God’s Word transformed and renewed your mind?
Share an example of how you have tested and approved God’s will.
How might you think of yourself with sober judgment?
Describe how the body of Christ functions as one body with many members.
How does knowing you belong to the other members of the body of Christ change your attitude toward your fellow Christians?
What are your spiritual gifts and how are you using them?
What gifts do you observe in others and how are you encouraging them to use those gifts?
What in your behavior shows that your love is sincere?  You hate evil?  You cling to good?  You’re devoted in love?  You honor others above yourself?  You never lack zeal?  You keep your spiritual fervor?
How would you describe your service to the Lord?
In what way have you demonstrated that you are joyful in hope?
How have you been patient in affliction?
What will you do today to be faithful in prayer?
In what way do you share with the Lord’s people in need?
How have you recently practiced hospitality?
How would you advise someone to bless those who persecute them?
Describe a time when you chose to bless someone who persecuted you rather than cursing them.
When have you rejoiced with the rejoicing?  How did this affect your outlook?
When have you mourned with the mourning?  How did this affect your outlook?
What should you do to live in harmony with others?
How might you protect yourself from being proud or conceited?
What in your behavior proves that you are willing to associate with people of low position?
When have you repaid evil for good?
How can you do right in eyes of everyone?
What is your greatest obstacle to living at peace with everyone?  How might you achieve this?
What can you do or not do to leave room for God’s wrath and vengeance?
When have you fed a hungry enemy?  Given a thirsty enemy a drink?
How might doing this heap coals upon his head?
How have you recently overcome evil with good?


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