Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Book of Revelation by Chuck Missler – Hour 10 – Revelation 4-5

This week’s lesson took us to the throne room of God in Heaven.  We looked at the Harpazo (Rapture) and saw that the churches are before the throne in Heaven in chapter 4 of Revelation.  The fulfillment of the Jewish wedding is perfectly displayed in the relationship between Christ and His bride (the church).

It wasn’t in this lesson, but rather in Chuck Missler’s 2 hour teaching on the Rapture where he said something like the following in support of a pre-tribulation rapture:  Christ wouldn’t say let’s get married then I’ll beat you for a while and then we’ll go out to dinner!  WOW!  If I weren’t already a pre-tribulationist, I would be now.

We discussed the seven raptures in the Scriptures and the physics of immortality.  We also talked about the doctrine of imminency – Are you prepared for Christ’s return at any moment?  That’s what imminence is all about.

Dr. Missler provides a sizable list of Scriptures having to do with the Rapture and with the Second Coming.  Were you aware that these are two different events?

Probably my favorite part of the lesson this week was about the identity of the 24 elders.  Do you know who they are?  They’re a completed group.  They aren’t tribulation believers, angels or the nation of Israel.  They sit on thrones, wear white raiment, have crowns of gold, sing the song of the redeemed and are called “Elders” (“Kings and Priests”).  Any guesses who they might be?

This lesson touches on so much, including a quick look at the book of Ruth and the epitaph that Pilate wrote for Jesus.  This study is so challenging and enlightening.  I highly recommend it for your small group or an individual student.

Homework for next time:  Read Daniel 9.  Outline the “70 Weeks”.

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