Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Malachi – Week One

This week’s study asked the question:  How can I relate to the people of Malachi’s day?

Malachi is the finale of the Old Testament Scriptures.  It is the last inspired word before a 400+ year silence from God.  My most recent finale in my life was the end of the BSF Genesis study.  Although I have a sense of completion and accomplishment, I’m also sad over the dissolution of our discussion group and the loss of momentum and accountability to these women.  So I suppose I can relate to Malachi and his contemporaries a little bit.

Lisa Harper wrote that God was very real to the prophets.  They lived as witnesses, struck by His words, not trying to figure out His nature, but really knowing Him.  Society at the time was supremely depraved.  Our world looks the same.  Doesn’t it?

Only God’s mercies keep mankind from perishing.  He allows us to argue with Him in spite of the fact that He doesn’t deserve it and that He could squash us like bugs.  I think it’s okay to question God because questioning is how we learn.  But doubt is sin.  The Bible says so.  How do you question God without doubting Him?

This week’s activity involved helium balloons and sheets of paper containing questions you want to ask God or points you want to fuss at Him about.  I chose to take my questions and concerns to Him in prayer, instead.

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