Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Compass Study Bible

Compass is about helping you find the answers you’re looking for in the pages of the Scriptures and allowing that truth navigate your life. Packed with Bible-reading helps and using an energizing, new Bible translation, Compass is a Bible designed with you in mind. Do you want to start reading and applying the Bible to your life, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Let Compass point you in the right direction.

Features include:

  • In-text notes that include cultural, historical, theological, and devotional thoughts
  • God’s Promises®—Thomas Nelson’s bestselling guide to Scripture for your every need
  • Book introductions
  • Reading plans for every day of the year
  • Topical Guides to Scripture and notes
  • In-text maps


Here’s my review of this enlightening new Bible:

I’ve read and enjoyed the Voice translation, and in this screenplay-like format, the Compass Study Bible is appropriate for devotional reading, and will engage small groups – especially children’s groups – who want to bring Scripture to life by acting it out.  Helps like maps and notes are conveniently located throughout the text to aid in your study.  There are reading plans to get you started reading the Bible every day and a topical index for looking up particular subjects.
This would be a good Bible for the group who wants to engage God’s Word by acting it out.  It would also be a good Bible for those who enjoy reading stage and screen plays.  Compass contains a good introduction to the Promises of God, and we all need to refer back to them especially when times are tough.  Not only is this a good beginner Bible, it is one that will grow with you as you mature in Christ.  I haven’t read all of the Compass Study Bible, yet, but what I have read has pointed me in the right direction.

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