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Bible Study: Jesus' Intoxicating Love For His Bride - Song of Solonon - Chapter 6

Please forgive this rough draft format, as these are my raw study notes on the Song of Songs (also known as Song of Solomon), although they are a bit better formatted than former efforts. I felt a great sense of urgency to publish them rather than waiting until I had the time to pretty them up. Thank you and I pray that God blesses and encourages you through this material. I’m not sure of the condition of the world at the time of this publication. But at the time of its writing, late spring 2010, things are looking increasingly bleak with the economy, health care and unemployment, there are allegations of racial profiling in Arizona and a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Are these the first stages of birth pains? The last? God only knows. And He is very busy these days. Seek His wisdom. Encourage each other. Pray. Jesus is coming to deliver His people and judge the wicked…


Take a few minutes to pray and savor chapter 6 of the Song of Solomon. Then return here and ponder the thoughts, answer the questions, and be sure to leave comments about your own revelations…

6 – What aspect of relationship with Christ does this relate to? Isn’t it wonderful to come through a conflict with the one you love and have intimacy. In fact, the intimacy feels more solid, more real, more intense because of the struggle you survived. The same is true in your relationship to Christ. A shared struggle increases intimacy.

Can you find other passages of scripture where there has been a struggle with God that changed the relationship between God and that person for the better?

6:1 – The friends offer to help the woman look for her lover.

6:2 – He’s gone down to his garden - She is his garden.

Beds of spices - These are her attributes.

To gather lilies - Enjoying intimacy.

These are terms he used to describe their lovemaking - Is he with her? They survived their conflict.

She knows where he is because of who he is. (Song of Solomon – Tommy Nelson)

6:3 – They belong to each other.

He browses among the lilies – another metaphor for intimacy.

6:4 – darling – rayah – the woman of my dreams. (Song of Solomon – Tommy Nelson)

He declares her beauty.

Tirzah – Its name means “Pleasure beauty”.

Lovely as Jerusalem – Another reference to beauty.

Majestic as troops with banners – She possessed noble beauty that inspired almost patriotic feelings.

6:5 – When she looks at him, he is overcome.

He begins to vocalize his appreciation of her again, beginning with her hair.

6:6 – He is working his way down and remarks about her teeth.

6:7 – He loves her cheeks and skin.

6:8 – Is this phrase meaning that he already has many wives and concubines?

6:9 – But his beloved is singled out among them all.

6:9b – the maidens saw her… - public homage. (Song of Solomon – Tommy Nelson)

6:10 – The friends ask who is this radiant creature?

6:11 – Solomon states that he went to check on the growth in the vineyard – is this literal?

6:12 – Before he realized, he was in town – what? Absentmindedness?

6:13 – Shulammite – a feminine form of Solomon. His nickname for her. (Song of Solomon – Tommy Nelson)

Nickname says she is part of him.

The friends are calling the bride back – where did she go?

Not sure of the reference, but this could be the same city mentioned in 2 Samuel 2:8.

6:14 – Solomon asks why they would look at her – huh? Why wouldn’t they if she is so lovely?

Mahanaim – Two camps, two armies, two hosts; also a place near Jabbok. Perhaps the dance refers to intimate contact between these two people.

• The Song of Solomon illustrates the love relationship between a man and woman which can mirror God’s intoxicating love for His bride (the church). How have you seen God’s love at work in this chapter of scripture? How can you apply it to your marriage? How will you apply it to your relationship with Jesus this week?
• What attributes of God do you see in this book?
• What verse of scripture seemed to be God speaking directly to you? What is He teaching you in these verses? How does He want you to respond?

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