Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crown Financial Bible Study – Week One – Introduction

I felt the call upon my life last year to sign up for the Crown Financial Bible Study.  So, even though this is a seemingly chaotic season of new beginnings where I will begin teaching Sunday School and start back up with Bible Study Fellowship and continue my mid-week Bible study while still trying to fit in time to get to the gym, I signed up for Crown at its first offering after I felt the call.  I know that my obedience is key.  Because of the season, I am expecting God to show up mightily and teach me just how I can do all things through Him who gives me strength!  (Including memorizing all of the Scripture required to complete the course.)  Hallelujah!

The first meeting is for record-keeping, passing out the books and getting introduced to the study.  You receive your first homework assignment at this preliminary meeting.  After two weeks pass to complete the assignment, the first meeting of the study takes place.  And I am anticipating a life-changing experience.

What I learned from the homework – Reading the Book “Your Money Counts” by Howard Dayton was a thoroughly convicting experience!  I discovered that, in areas of my life where I thought I was doing okay, I was tolerating evil behavior and engaging in it by not confronting it.  This book gives a solid overview of the course and is an incredible read.  I have studied personal finance from several secular sources and I learned a few things from this book besides what God thinks about how we should manage His money.

Filling out the beginning of the Financial Road Map was enlightening.  I enjoyed setting short- and long-term goals and evaluating where I currently am.  It was challenging to come up with a verse to describe my life purpose.

What I learned from our class discussion – I am not alone.  And I’m better off than many others I know.  I would have liked to have the wisdom displayed by one of my classmates who just graduated college and wants to learn good money management skills while she’s young!  Praise Jesus.

This study is about relationship with God.

What I learned from watching the video – What ministries could I be funding if I weren’t paying off debt?  Better still:  what ministries will I fund once my debt is paid off?

Changes I have made/need to make – pray about God’s will for my mortgage, pray about canceling cable, stop engaging in bad behavior because it casts a bad light on my Savior, my attitude about possessions has to change from “it’s mine” to “it’s God’s”, pay off my debt and not create new debt.

Based on what I read in “Your Money Counts”, I was convicted about some of my behaviors at work.  I’ve understood for a long time that I work for the Lord, but that hasn’t kept me from doing the wrong thing while I’m on the clock!  If I don’t have enough work to do, it is not permissible to prepare my Sunday School lesson or write a blog post about a Bible study.  I need to be looking for work-related activities to occupy me time while I’m at work.  I’ve begun this process.  I haven’t completely cut myself off from this behavior, yet, but I have reduced it.  Praise the Lord!

Memorizing Scripture – Luke 16:11 is a convicting verse.  I want to be faithful.  Not just to be rewarded.  I want to honor Jesus more than I ever have before.

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