Wednesday, June 06, 2012

James: Mercy Triumphs – Week Six – Powerful Effects

Chairein! (Ky Rain)

Homework: This week’s homework is a life-changer from word one! At least it was for me. Beth’s guidance led me through some soul searching and realizations that changes need to be made in my life in the areas of greed and patience. It also led me to ask myself questions like: What would I do if God took away all I had? Would I curse Him? Does what I’ve seen and heard about God keep me faithful to Him when I have no current physical evidence of His wonderful character? The homework also led me to recognize God’s lavish blessings and taught me about letting my “yes” be yes.

Melissa’s Articles: In this week’s first article, “The Elephant in the Room”, Melissa talks about how James 5:1-6 could be speaking about any of three groups of people: ANY rich people who abuse wealth and live self-indulgent lives; rich Christians who abuse wealth and live self-indulgent lives; or rich non-Christians who live that way. What this article taught me – in a timely way that only God can accomplish – is that I need to crack down on greed in my own life. Thank you, Melissa. Thank you, Jesus!

“The Old Testament & James 5:11b” sparked several ideas in my mind. God is unchanging. From before the dawn of time to the exodus to Job to Jonah to James, He is, was and ever shall be compassionate, gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love, and maintaining that love for 1000 generations. He forgives, but won’t let the guilty go unpunished. No wonder we can never fully “get” God. He is so complex. And this article of Melissa’s was sheer worship!

In Melissa’s article “James 5 & 2009,” her wonderful sense of humor shines as she tells a personal tale of triumph through prayer. But this is not necessarily a testimony of positive results or complete healing. In fact, the triumph begins when we approach the elders of the church to pray over and anoint us as James says in God’s Word. This is by far my favorite of Melissa’s articles because her beautiful personality was so evident on the page.

Writing James: This week, we wrote James 4:18-5:20, completing the assignment.

Memorizing James: As of the class meeting for week six of study, I have memorized James 1:1-2:23.

Video Segment: WOW! What a video! Have you ever had doubts about ministry? You don’t feel that the ministry you’re doing is quite where God wants you? This is a must watch session for you. Beth was in ministry 16 years before she found where God wanted her to be! She loved the ministries that God planted her in, and wouldn’t trade a single moment. Hearing this testimony was absolutely freeing for me, as I have also bounced from ministry to ministry and still haven’t hit the position that I feel is “golden”. I have only been in ministry for 12 years, though, so I suppose I have time. Actually, as long as the sun continues to rise, I have time. Thank you, Beth, for being one of the flames of testimony that has ignited my faith. I will be sad to see this study end.

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