Friday, January 13, 2012

Bible Study: The Acts of the Holy Spirit - A Study of the book of Acts - Chapter 14

Please forgive this rough draft format, as these are my raw study notes on the book of Acts. I felt a great sense of urgency to publish them rather than waiting until I had the time to pretty them up. Thank you and I pray that God blesses and encourages you through this material. Stay strong. Live in the Spirit. Encourage each other. Pray. Jesus is coming…


Take a few minutes to pray and savor chapter 14 of the book of Acts. Read it with the thought in mind that this is the first display of the power of the Holy Spirit working through man – aside from Christ, that is. Imagine what the Spirit can do through you if you let Him! Then return here and ponder the thoughts, answer the questions, and be sure to leave comments about your own revelations…

14:1-4 – Paul and Barnabas were rejected because of their message – God’s message – but their dependence on God didn’t waiver.

14:5-7 – see 2 Timothy 3:10-11.

14:11-15 – Paul and Barnabas were misunderstood, but they had sufficient knowledge of the culture to be able to explain to the people so they would understand.

14:14 – We’ve all heard the phrase “don’t kill the messenger.” What are the dangers of exalting the messenger?

14:19-21 – They suffered persecution. This attack was premeditated. People traveled up to 100 miles to participate in Paul’s stoning. But this treatment didn’t dissuade Paul and Barnabas from sharing the Good News. They remained faithful to God and their calling.

14:20 – Why would Paul return to Lystra after the townspeople stoned him? Would you have returned? See 2 Corinthians 12 for Paul’s remarks about this time – he probably had the vision he describes while he was unconscious.

14:22-23 – They recognized that trouble would come and accepted that it was necessary.

14:22 – we will suffer persecution.

We are made strong by trials, not prosperity.

• The book of Acts teaches us much about what the Holy Spirit is capable of doing through a mortal life. What have you learned about how He wants to work through you today? What will you do to give up a bit of control to Him?
• What attributes of God do you see in this book?
• What verse of scripture seemed to be God speaking directly to you? What is He teaching you in these verses? How does He want you to respond?

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