Wednesday, December 07, 2011

REVIEW: A Wedding Blunder In The Black Hills by Kim O'Brien

“A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills” by Kim O’Brien is a wonderfully twisting romance that tickles the funny bone and deals sensitively with some important issues. Millie Hogan is a woman with a dream and a reputation. Never able to cut the apron strings and leave home, she wants a career in acting that will take her away from her meddlesome mother and the reputation she can’t outrun. David Denvers is also from Deer Park, South Dakota, but he is returning home after having made a life for himself in California. Taking over his father’s dental practice and moving home with his son, Bart, after the death of his wife, David finds himself at the clutches of his own matchmaking mom.

In a clever plot to “non-date,” Millie and David come up with a brilliant plan to keep their mothers off of their backs. After all, Millie doesn’t deserve a great guy like David and David is long over his high school crush on Millie. The plan is pretend to date until after the winter carnival. By then, David’s stalker, Cynthia, may have moved on. But David and Millie didn’t plan to fall in love for real.

In the midst of sled races, lots of great food and bullies, Millie, David and Bart become a family. This is a beautifully entertaining book. It would be a wonderful holiday read.

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