Monday, June 20, 2011

REVIEW: Wolfsbane by Ronie Kendig

“Wolfsbane” by Ronie Kendig grabbed my interest from the first page. This third novel in the Discarded Heroes series is guaranteed to lead to at least one sleepless night because this book is impossible to put down. The action is non-stop. The characters are multi-faceted. The plot is intricate and suspenseful. The romance is intense and integrated well into the story. These Discarded Heroes books are some of my favorite romantic suspense novels.

Lt. Danielle Roark, demolitions expert in the Army Corps of Engineers, has just escaped six months of captivity by a South American guerilla. Range Metcalf is rather smitten after pulling Dani into the Coast Guard chopper and home to safety. But it’s Range’s brother, Canyon, who has caught Dani’s eye and captured her heart.

Canyon “Midas” Metcalf is a special forces military operative with team Nightshade. Battling his own demons of painkiller addiction and a past that he’s been ordered to keep quiet about and take the blame for, Canyon falls just as hard for Roark. But he repeatedly (and not always successfully) denies his desires so that he won’t step on his brother’s toes to woo Dani. But when his team is assigned to accompany Dani back to Venezuela to substantiate the intel she stole when she escaped and clear her name of treason charges, Midas is assigned to protect Dani and has even greater difficulty holding himself back from what he wants.

This is an incredible novel that clearly conveys to the reader that the God we serve is a God of second chances. Thank you, Ronie, for that wonderfully encouraging message and this outstanding read!

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