Monday, February 07, 2011

REVIEW: “Cancer For Two” by Dave Balch

“Cancer For Two” by Dave Balch is the extraordinarily detailed journal of a man who walked every step of the cancer treatment road with his beloved. Some moments were poignant, others were laugh-out-loud funny, all were real. This book came to me at a time when I was just beginning the journey through adjuvant treatment – I’d had my surgery and was following up with my plastic surgeon and scheduling referral appointments with an oncologist. It turned out to be the perfect time because it enabled me to question my treatment specialists about their recommendations and my choices. On a more personal note, it showed me how another woman with cancer dealt with it, and gave me another perspective on how those on the outside looking in deal with it as well.

This is a frank look at the journey through cancer treatment that I would absolutely recommend to anyone who can understand that cancer treatment is a very individualistic thing. No two people react exactly the same way, and no two cases are exactly the same. If you can keep in mind that this book will not represent your exact options, it is a worthwhile read.

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