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December Bible Study - Faithful Love in Human Relationships - Ruth Chapter 4

December Bible Study – Ruth Chapter 4
A Study of Faithful Love in Human Relationships

Welcome to this month’s Bible study, our final installment in the book of Ruth. As always, consider my thoughts and please share your ideas, questions and wisdom in the comments section below.

Let us pray…Mighty Father in Heaven, I ask that you would reassure us today about the reward that we have awaiting us when we meet you face-to-face. Help us to live our lives in light of the fact that we are Your children – loved, watched over, and cared for. Encourage us to share this knowledge and the truth of Your salvation with others. We love You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Chapter 4 – Reward:

see Leviticus 25:23-28; Deuteronomy 25:5-10.

4:1 – The only rest Boaz had this day was at the gate while he awaited the arrival of Naomi’s nearer kinsman. And I’m sure he was anxious about the meeting. Why the town gate? Because that was where business was conducted.

4:2 – 10 elders were required for this to be a legal, binding proceeding.

4:3 – Elimelech was their relative, not necessarily their brother.

4:4 – Boaz offers his relative the opportunity to acquire Elimelech’s property.

4:5 – Then, he drops the bomb: a Moabite wife is part of the package. So is the obligation to provide an heir for her dead husband.

4:6 – The relative didn’t want to lose any of his property to Naomi’s family since Ruth’s first child would be Mahlon’s heir, not his. (Boaz’ willingness to take this risk speaks volumes about his character.)

4:6-10 – Boaz makes the transaction legal and assumes responsibility for Ruth and Naomi.

4:11-12 –The elders blessed Boaz saying may Ruth bear many offspring like Rachel and Leah.

4:12 – Why mention Perez? To read his birth story, go to Genesis 38. Perez was Boaz’ ancestor. He was also born from a union that was based on this kinsman-redeemer obligation.

4:13 – We briefly focus on Boaz and Ruth, mentioning their marriage and the birth of their first child.

Who was happiest at the wedding? Ruth, Naomi or Boaz? Why?

4:14-17 – Now, the focus changes to Naomi, who has been redeemed by Boaz’ and Ruth’s character and selfless actions. Naomi now has an heir.

4:18-22 – This significant genealogy begins with Perez. Remember him from verse 12? The lineage ends with David, King of Israel.

Doesn’t it seem fitting that the Messiah would come from a lineage of 2 kinsman-redeemers, several men of character, and a king?

What does the outcome of the story tell you about God’s divine guidance?

How have you experienced God’s provision in your life?

Thank you for joining me for this study of the book of Ruth. Please check back often to see what’s new, or sign up for my weekly Word up! Newsletter to be notified automatically. I pray that this study has blessed you. Stay in the Word until we meet again.

BEGINNING NEXT MONTH, I will be posting Bible study every Friday! Yes, weekly WORD up! studies! Woo Hoo! So, join me on January 2nd for chapter one of the book of Revelation.

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