Saturday, November 01, 2008

Getting Comfy: Ice Breakers for Bible Studies and Book Groups #1

Are you the leader of a Bible study or book group?

Do you need a way to get the ball rolling and the conversation flowing?

Here is a simple Ice breaker that can be used a lot of different ways to encourage women to share more about themselves and get to know each other better.

  • Provide pen and paper for each participant.

  • Ask everyone to write something about themselves that no one else knows.

  • Collect the papers and put them in a central location.

  • Have each participant take turns selecting and reading the papers. Then everyone votes on who they think wrote the comments.

Here are a variety of questions to start you off:

Where were you born?
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
What is your favorite book of the Bible?
What is your favorite food?
What countries have you visited?
What brought you to our church - book group - Bible study?

Think of some questions that relate specifically to the topic of study or discussion. For example, when studying the life of Joseph (the son of Jacob who wore the coat of many colors), ask "If you were a color, what would you be and why?" or "If you were a coat, what kind of coat would you be and why?"

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